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An example of a cover letter is important to understand. The cover letter is so important because it concerns the culture of applying for a good job. Understanding and applying the right cover letter will give job applicants greater opportunities for interviews. The following are examples of English cover letters, including:

  1. Cover letter for undergraduate

Respectfully Mr/Ms Manager of PT Greenlike Bahana

Through this email, I, as a D3 student, intend to apply for a job in the position of Researcher and Botanist at PT Greenlike Bahana as stated on the job vacancy on the jobportal website. I am a fresh graduate student from Taruma Negara University majoring in Agriculture. My GPA is 3.0 and is a suitable GPA for job applicant candidates.

Along with this email, several documents are attached as administrative requirements, namely:

  1. FC Last Diploma
  2. FC Transcript
  3. Certificate of Graduation
  4. National Botanical Certificate

Thus this job application letter I made and hopefully it can be taken into consideration

If you need information regarding the achievements that I have achieved, you can contact me at the contact number 089465111276.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will wait for further news.

Yours faithfully,

(Applicant Name)


  1. Cover letter of work experience

Dear Sir/Madam HRD Manager of PT Investama Cemerlang,

With this email, I would like to apply for a job in the Marketing department at PT Investama Cemerlang according to the advertisement on the joobportal website.

I have work experience in a leading investment company at CV Plaxis for 1 year. During my 1 year working in Financial Planning, I was involved in various business aspects in other companies.

Throughout my career in finance, I have:

  • Manage the company’s business assets.
  • Increase per capita income by 10%.

With the experience I have, I believe it will be useful for your company.

If needed, you can contact me via telephone 085873465333 or by email at [email protected]

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking to you more about this opportunity.


(Applicant Name)


  1. Intership cover letter

Dear HR Manager



Yours faithfully,

I am a final year undergraduate student majoring in Shipping. In this semester I was required to do an Internship in a shipping company. Therefore, I would like to send this internship application letter to you.

I was required to do an Internship in the Master’s section because this was my final college assignment that I had to fulfill. I have good skills towards shipping and can carry out my duties well.

With experience in commanding cargo ships, hereby, I ask permission to attach recent photographs, portfolio, CV, transcripts and other files if needed.

I really hope that my Internship Application will be granted. Before and after I say thank you.

Yours faithfully,


  1. Part time job cover letter


Mr/Mrs HRD

CV Delicious Champion

Based on the information on Barista job vacancies that I received from, I hope that you can consider the resume and portfolio that I have attached. I’m looking for a part-time job at CV Lezat Juara and I feel the part-time Barista position is the right position for me to occupy.

Previously, I studied S1 in the field of Catering and successfully graduated with cum laude predicate. I also have experience as a Chinese Food Designer at CV Lima Roda where at that time I was responsible for designing Chinese food.

I am sure that my talents will have a positive impact on the company that you lead. I hope to have the opportunity to conduct further interviews.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully


  1. Banking practice cover letter

Dear HR Manager

Icici Bank


Yours faithfully,

I am a student of S1 Economics. This semester I received a special assignment to practice in a banking sector. On this occasion, I would like to send this internship letter to you.

I was required to make a bank visit to carry out my street work assignment because it was the final part of my college graduation score. I will do my best for the campus as well as the company PT. Icici Bank and follow the applicable regulations.

With my expertise in the field of Business Economics, it is hoped that it can help PT. Icici Bank and show my best ability to be addressed directly.

I hope that my application for banking practice will be approved by the Manager. Before and after I say thank you.

Yours faithfully,


  1. Cover letter for changing jobs

With respect Mr / Mrs HRD

PT Kraken Raya

I would like to show interest in occupying the position of Chinese Language Expert at PT Kraken Raya. I hope that my skills are suitable for your company and get an opportunity for an on-site interview.

Previously I worked at PT Oreon Internasional with the position of Linguist and I was responsible for organizing overseas work meetings. During my work, I have always been successful in conducting business visits abroad. The reason I filled the position of Chinese Language Expert is because I already know about vocabulary and business.

I also have business talent and am trusted to handle foreign business. I hope that the talent of the Chinese Language Expert that I have will be useful for PT Kraken Raya later.

I hope to be able to do an interview and talk directly with you. Attached is a copy of work experience, project portfolio and certificate of technical ability and skills. I can be contacted at any time by cell phone at 081897005222.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking to you more about this opportunity.


[Full name]


  1. Cover letter is not working


Mr/Mrs HRD PT Wiko Star

Jl Puncak Raya

As an experienced Web Developer, I am very interested in the opening of a Web Analyst job opening at PT Wiko Star. Previously I worked as a Web Developer at PT Likeloks for 3 years. I am responsible for managing:

Website Design. I have consistently succeeded in designing enterprise-level websites.

In 2019, the company did mass layoffs and finally my position was written off.

I believe that with my extensive experience I can improve the company’s performance in the web analyst field. If you agree with my experience, you can contact me via email at [email protected]

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully

[Full name]


Examples of Indonesian Cover Letters are important to study carefully. Knowing how to make a cover letter will make the audience understand the importance of a cover letter in the world of work.


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